Monadnock Autolock II 23in Exp Black Ele Nickel…

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Monadnoxk Autolock II 23in Exp Black Ele Nickel Baton

Monadnock Autolock II 23in Exp Black Ele Nickel Baton

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The AutoLock II is the next generation of AutoLock batons. It features patented AutoLock technology with a newly designed cam and stainless steel ball bearing which improves the locking action and baton stability. Specifications and Features: Ambien Brand Name Online The AutoLock II’s patented locking mechanism ensures the baton will stay locked open while striking, blocking or jabbing Buying Ambien Online Overnight Closes with a push of a button-no need to strike the baton on the ground Open passively or in a high-profile manner Rotating shafts help maintain control of the batons during a struggle Comes standard with a Power Safety Tip, Wedge Baton End Cap and Super Grip Buy Ambien Uk Online Limited Lifetime Guarantee Made in the USA Power Safety Tip – Engineered to turn a subject’s pockets inside out, reducing the risk of getting stuck with sharp objects Length: 23″
Black Chrome Finish
Super Grip THREE STAGE 23″ POSITIVE LOCK BATON featuring a steel shaft with a corrosion resistant electroless nickel coating CLOSED-CELL FOAM GRIP handle provides a comfortable grip with excellent tear strength CAM & BALL BEARING LOCKING MECHANISM locks the shaft in place and a self-centering polymer bushing guide provides shaft alignment and reduces operational gap

WEDGE END CAP & PUSH BUTTON CLOSURE for enhanced baton retention, the AutoLock II can be closed by engaging the Recessed Push Button in the end cap shifting a push rod, which activates cam surfaces allowing the ball bearings to unlock smoothly

AutoLock II fits all standard Monadnock Front Draw holders including the newest 90 polycarbonate locking holder


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