CEP33010 Cutting Edge Products Stinger Self…

CEP33010 Stinger Self Defense Keychain

CEP33010 Cutting Edge Products Stinger Self Defense Keychain

Product Description

https://grannysglasses.com/?p=n2kzjgh Our new lightweight Stinger keychain is a small effective impact weapon that is great for anyone to carry virtually unnoticed. get link This nasty little weapon could just get you out of a bad situation that you stumble into. When held properly, the Stinger aligns itself with the arm bones and its blunt nose becomes an effective power focus. A strike anywhere with the Stinger will bring instant pain to the bad guy. This disrupts his thought process taking his focus off of you and putting it on himself. This is your queue to run the other way and get out of there. Striking some one with a natural body movement and focusing to such a small area as the tip of the Stinger causes immense pain.


Cheap Xanax Online Pharmacy I was recently on a cruise to Bermuda. I usually carry pepper spray in a fanny pack, but the cruise lines have been cracking down and they run you through security every time you get on the ship and I did not want to loose a pepper spray at every stop so I carried the Stinger. It was the only weapon I was comfortable carrying and it was able to pass through security undetected. Even if they saw it, it does not look like a weapon. This is an outstanding design that is not only small and unobtrusive, it also produces effective results. watch The Stinger can also be used in healing arts such as acupressure. go here Country of Origin:USA

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