Spyderco Baliyo Blue / White YUS107

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Spyderco Baliyo Blue White YUS107

Spyderco Baliyo Blue / White YUS107

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source site Many knife fans have a special affinity for the Filipino balisong or butterfly knife. Its unique twin-handled design allows it to be spun, flipped, twirled, and manipulated in countless ways, challenging their dexterity and creativity and providing endless hours of fun. Unfortunately, the legality of balisongs is restricted in many areas and practicing with them—even for fun—is not a “socially friendly” activity.


enter site The BaliYo solves that problem by combining the distinctive twin-handled design of a balisong with a high-performance pen instead of a blade. The result is a remarkable skill-based toy that offers all the versatility, creativity, and fun of a balisong in a format that is welcome everywhere.

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https://www.jacobysaustin.com/2024/05/hbfqsfeln44 Spyderco’s heavy-duty BaliYo design features a high-impact central body with a retractable pressurized Fisher Space Pen cartridge that makes it a world-class writing instrument. The pen body is flanked by two custom-formulated polymer handles that each rotate 180 degrees on low-friction stainless steel pivots. These brass-weighted, precision-balanced handles can be flipped, swung, twirled, and spun in a variety of patterns, transforming this everyday writing tool into a fascinating game of skill.

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watch Whether you are a veteran balisong fan, a skill-toy enthusiast, a pen collector, or simply a curious first-timer, the BaliYo might end up being your new favorite pastime.
Color: Blue/White
Made in the USA

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